Annapurna SeedsLocation Advantages

The project is located in industrial area developed as industrial zone, which is well developed industrial zone. The Junagadh city is well connected with other part of country and world through Road, Rail. Due to proximity to Junagadh, all infrastructural and banking facility is available very easily. Some of the locational advantages are described hereunder.

  1. Technical support & Staff: one main factor considered in locating such project is the availability of technical support and related skilled labor as, many units of same class are situated in this industrial Zone of Junagadh.
  2. Nearness of Market availability: Majority of people situated in this area are doing farming activity which is center for this type of business in Junagadh.
  3. The unit is connected with main Roads to all big cities and there will be no problem for transportation, communication and availability of skilled labors.
  4. Other requirements water, electricity, other basic infrastructure is easily available.
  5. Electricity is supplied by PGVCL at industrial rate.


Since the unit is set up in the industrial area where supply of the power is very easily available. The unit has existing power connection.


The requirement of the water in the kind of the industry is very marginal and being industrial area the supply of the water in sufficient quantity would be available easily and there is no requirement of water pollution clearance.


Due to location of the unit and the nature of the industry the required man power force skilled semi skilled and the unskilled are easily available from the surrounding area.


The process involve in the sorting of seeds does not evacuate any effluents or trade hazards either through air or water or otherwise and therefore it does not require the NOC or permission from either State or Central Pollution Control Board under the Environment Protection Laws.