Annapurna SeedsMarketing Feasibility

Market potential and Prospects

As mentioned above, the product of the unit is agricultural seeds, which is used in the farming activity. Promoter is associate with this field for more than 8 years and has good experiences for the set up for the marketing of the product. As the economic growth of the Indian market shows the raising trend in local as well as overseas market, the proposed unit might achieve the level of forecasted target. As the promoter having good experience and business contacts would help to achieve the projected sale, there is no question about the market feasibility of the unit.

Company is Producing & selling various seeds such as GROUNDNUT SEEDS, CORIANDER SEEDS, GRAM SEEDS, MUNG SEEDS, CUMIN SEEDS, UDID SEEDS, BEET SEEDS, WHEAT SEEDS, SESAME SEEDS, TUVER SEEDS etc. As these all things are growing by farmers in this area and company is also supplying best quality seeds to their customer so that potential for the company’s product is very high in sales.


Studies made by the promoters with respect to competition in the local market, it has been observed that there is prevailing very healthy competition in the market. Only tools to fight against competition is business acumen, reasonable price, prompt delivery and better quality of the seeds. The promoters proposed to capture market for their products through following aspects:

  1. Competitive pricing policy
  2. Prompt delivery
  3. Strict quality control
  4. Eco friendly product

Being equipped with new technology, the unit will now be capable of satisfying the customers demand more promptly with better quality seeds and that too with competitive price. And, this competitive edge will help the promoter in market penetration and capture enough market with better profitability.

Marketing and Selling Arrangement

The market of the unit product is in local area as well as interstate, as per the nature of industries, more than 50% of the production will be absorb in local market and rest to other states. The unit will be establishes network for selling through own contacts, qualitative products and reasonable price rate and fulfill the demand of the market. Therefore, the unit is having proper marketing and selling network to sell the products in to the market in competitive way. Thus from above it can be concluded that the project has ample prospectus for market development to flourish.