Annapurna SeedsWhy Us?

Large Business Potential

As India is an agricultural country and economy of India is dependant on agriculture. Population of India is also growing at rapid speed so the requirement of food is also increasing in the same way. Nowadays people are also looking farming activity as a business. Gujarat and particularly Saurashtra region is famous for its farming activity so that requirement of seeds for farming are more in this area. Different states of the India are also in the farming activity so that business of the company has bright chances outside the Gujarat.

Suitability of geographical and locational Factor

Geographical and other locational factor has importance in selection of project. Generally this type of unit is always based on the demand of their product in the near market area as well as outside. As the soil of these area is very much fertile with the full water resources and more of the people are doing farming activity. So, it is very much suitable place for the Company to do its business. Thus, nearness of market availability and other support plays important role.

Economic Feasibility

On the basis of various Economic studies through center of economic development, demand for agriculture seeds are increasing as the concern is keen to produce more food for the country.

Healthy Competition

As the market size of this business is growing at the fast pace, existing and new unit are unable to meet the demand and supply gap. So, healthy competition is envisaged in the industry for many years. Promoters are ready to deal in healthy competition through acquiring core competence in production and modern technology, good quality products and competitive rates for products.

Favorable climate

Climatic condition of Junagadh is very favorable for Agro products and Junagadh is well known for its all types of agricultural activity. Also, atmosphere is cohesive for long working hour.

Rich Experience

Rich experience of promoter and good contacts in industries gives confidence for viability and success of business enterprise.